Friday, December 26, 2014

Look of the Day

December 25th 2014 Happy Christmas!
     I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.  This is what I wore for Christmas day.
     I put my hair in a bun with a braid on the side.  I know it's hard to see in the photos.  Perhaps at some point I will do a tutorial with better photos of it.
     The top is an eBay purchase that I did a recent review on.  The skirt is also an eBay purchase.  The shoes are Hot Topic.  The coat is Forever 21.  I have a red necklace, red hair bow and golden bell earrings to add to the holiday feel.  The nails you can see in the photo below is a set I purchased recently that I will be reviewing.

Nail Glue Quality: The basic types

Which Glue Should I Use?
     I use false nail tips a lot because I can't really grow my nails out due to my anemia.  I have noticed a difference in quality among types of glue.  I would like to share my knowledge with you now, to help you determine which is right for you.

Type One: Tiny Tubes
     These tubes are most often found included with nail tip sets for free.  They are heavily water based which limits the ability to maintain a bond.  They are free because they are low quality.  If you have any goal to use nail tips for long term or regularly, ignore this type of glue.
     This glue will usually hold a bond for a couple hours.  Though depending on the kinds of tips you use, and how much you use your hands, they could hold for less time.  This glue would be useful for a short term nail project.  Maybe for a photo shoot.  The nails are easily snapped off without having to use any bond remover, and causes little to no pain when done.  However, it will leave a residue that will need to be dealt with.
     If you leave the house wearing nails that were attached with this glue, bring the stick with you.  You'll likely need it for constantly reapplying your nails after they pop off.  Which can be incredibly embarrassing.

Type Two: Prestick Glue Stickers
     These some times come with nail sets, or can be purchased on their own.  The are a thin layer of glue, in the shape of a nail that you attach to the under side of the nail tip before pressing it against your nail.  The glue sticker forms a bond between your nail and the tip, keeping it in place.
     The up side is that there should be no air bubbles in between the nail and the tip.  Air bubbles can trap in germs and moisture between the two, which can cause infections.   Stickers eliminate this issue.  However, that shouldn't be an issue considering the stickers bond wont last long enough for you to develop an infection anyway.  Another plus is that when you remove the nails, there should be no residue to clean off.
     These are good for very short term use.  Something you would use for a Halloween costume or a photo shoot.  Anytime you want to wear nails for about an hour, but not later that day.
     These only bond for an hour or so.  These were the first kinds of nail adhesive I ever used, back in 1999.  The nails started falling off after the first 20 minutes, so I just snapped the remaining nails off and tossed them.  I didn't wear nail tips again after that for over a decade.  I had a bad first impression because of the poor quality of sticker adhesive.

Type Three: Bottled Glue
     I find that every glue I have purchased in a bottle has been a higher quality.  The one pictured is a brand I have used and had success with.  The brand I have had the most success with is called "Magic".
     It works like the tiny tubes, only it's not as heavily water based.  The glue is applied to the tip then pressed against the nail for a few seconds, until the bond forms.  I find that this glue works well for long term nail use.  Do not use this if you intend to remove the nails the same day.  Use a cheaper product for that.
     If using cheap plastic nail tips, this can last for about a week with possible occasional resticks if you bump your nail into something hard.  If using a higher quality thicker nail tip, this can last for about 4 weeks.  After 4 weeks you would want to switch the nails out anyway for sanitation purposes.
     Always be careful when using a glue.  Be sure to get an even coat so that there are no gaps between the nail and the tip that food, water, dirt or other things can get stuck between.  If they do, it can cause an infection.

Of course the best way for long term use is to use acrylic paste to bond it to your nail.  But that's not technically a glue, so I am not covering that in this post.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Look of the Day

December 22nd 2014
     I just ran out for a tick so it's a bit effortless, but I wanted to make sure I took photos anyway, since I've been slacking off.
     The hat is second hand from a charity shoppe.  The shirt is Charlotte Russe, the coat is also second hand from a charity shoppe.  The boots are Kmart.

Look of the Day

December 21st 2014: Owls & Knits
     My family and I went to the cinema today.  I just grabbed something comfy to wear.
     The boots are from Kmart (Children's size).  The owl shirt I think I got from Walmart.  The knit cardigan is from Forever 21.  The bag and necklace are from Claire's.  The knit hair piece is from eBay.

1950s Fashions in Paris - Real Vintage Fashion Footage

HAUL: Under 10 dollars total = BARGAIN

Fashion Haul on the Cheap!
     Most fashion bloggers have a decent budget or get stuff for free.  Maybe one day I'll nab some freebies.  But until then I have very little spare money to spend on clothing.  Out of all of the clothing I own, very few items cost more than 10USD.  That includes shoes!  I have shoes I paid as little as 3USD for (Brand new).  So I have decided to share my recent lucky finds with all of you.  Today's haul? 6 items for less than 10USD total (With free shipping).  You can see the list below.
     One T-shirt, 3 owl bracelets, an owl ring and a rabbit face mask (For when you have a cough), totaling 9.05USD.
     Below you can see the seller IDs from these eBay purchases if you'd like to try to get some of these items yourself.  Though I can't guaranty the prices.  eBay auctions have a lot to do with luck.  Though the bunny mask was a BUY IT NOW.

Photo Parade

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Look of the Day

December 19th 2014
     A more casual look today.  I always get compliments when I wear this shirt.
     The shirt is from Forever 21.  It's not a regular T-shirt.  It has princess style sleeves (Meaning they puff out).  The denim trousers are from Hot Topic, as are the Converse shoes and cardigan.  The giant glasses are also from Hot Topic.  The hair bows I got from the Dollar Tree.
     I know I look silly... But I was just in a dorky mood that day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DIY: Chibi Moon Baby Costume

 DIY PROJECT: Sailor Moon Costume
     DIY clothing counts as fashion, right?  Sure!  Even if it is just a baby costume.
     My friend is a huge Sailor Moon fan.  She is also having her first baby!  So, I decided to make her baby a Sailor Chibi Moon costume.  I got a pack of 3 onsies, since plain white onsies are impossible to find outside of packs.  I also bought some plain T-shirts in red, white and pink.  T-shirt fabric is comfy for baby as well as being easier to clean and such.  I got some white ribbon for the collar and 2 buttons.  A jumbo yellow button and a little pink heart to put together to make her broach.  Below you can see some of the process.
     After finishing the costume I tried to figure out what to do with the last two onsies.  I used some coloured Sharpies to draw on them.  Sailor Moon on the front of one, with wings and "Little Moonie" on the back.  The other has a Sailor moon bow and broach.  I have never taken sharpies to clothes before.  I hope that as long as she hand washes them in cold water that they should be alright.  You can check them out below!

Indian Models Walk On Ramp In Traditional Dresses | Indian Princess Fash...

Sneak Peek!

Upcoming Reviews
     Here is a sneak peek for 3 future reviews.  I will be reviewing these nail tips in the future.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

REVIEW: Heart Bling Headphones

Reviewing Product From "huaxutex" on eBay
     I bought this pair of headphones from a seller on eBay.  This product came with a surprise free gift.  A small ring that said "Love" on it.  The headphones cost 10USD plus an additional 10USD for shipping.
     I feel like 10USD is about right for the headphones.  I wish the shipping would have been less.  When I received the package, the box had been smashed, ripped and stuck inside a plastic package by the post office.  There was no padding inside the original box it was mailed in.  Also, the headphones were only inside of a clear plastic bag, and not in a commercially packaged box of any sort.  I was concerned the headphones may have been damaged during the mailing process, but they seemed to be fine.  So be warned that no extra care is taken to insure the product arrives safely and without damage.  I was disappointed in the lack of packing material.
     The top of the headphones reads "ZUMREED".  ZUMREED is a company that specifically makes headphones and speakers.  This appears to be an old discontinued style.
     It has metal bits on the side for expanding the size.  The gemstones are clearly pasted onto a white base that can be seen in between the gems (Which is slightly unappealing).  The sides are clearly marked L for Left and R for Right which is nice.
     The headphones are comfortable but I was slightly disappointed that the wire appears to have a short in it.  I am not sure if this is common for these headphones or if it was damaged during shipping from being bustled around.  One side fads in and out and you have to jiggle the wire to get it to stay clear sometimes.  That's a down side.  But again, I am not sure that is a common issue for this product or not.  I may have just gotten unlucky.
     IN CONCLUSION: I am not going to complain to the seller but I would avoid getting items from this seller that can be easily broken, as they don't pad the products.  I am sure clothing is fine.  I think there are better quality headphones for better prices at retail outlets.  If you're into this style for a good price and quality, I suggest Claire's Boutique.  They have really cute ones (I went there first but my local shoppe was sold out of all the colours I like).
     And now, below, my dog sports the headphones like a boss.  Enjoy~!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Style Idea!

Holiday Sparkle
     Perfect for a Holiday party.  Or any festive gathering.  The brooch is to be worn on the coat.
     Dress - SheInside 52.17USD
     Coat - Vestiaire Collective 80.76USD
     Bag - Charlotte Russe 11.99USD
     Brooch - Ali Express 4USD
     Jewelry - SheInside 8.26USD
     Shoes - Body Line 27USD

Style Idea!

London Classic
     I see people taking images of clothing and putting them together to make an outfit like this all of the time.  So I decided to try my hand at it!  I call this outfit the London Classic.  Just because it reminds me of London.
     I will try to list all of the places and prices when I do these.  But I may forget some of the places or prices, so I'll list what I remember.  However, I can tell you all of the places to buy these items, this time.
     Shoes - Body Line 20USD
     Bag - SheInside 16.76USD (On Sale)
     Scarf - SheInside 11.67USD (On Sale)
     Dress - SheInside 33.33USD (On Sale)
     Coat -  SheInside 81USD (On Sale)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Look of the Day

December 1st 2014
     Today's outfit felt a bit festive.  The necklace is Body Line.  The shoes are Kmart, as is the hat.  The Blouse is Forever 21.  The skirt I got off of eBay a while back.  It's not the best quality.  I need to obtain some higher quality maxi skirts.

Fashion Blog Poses

A Pose By Any Other Name...
     I told you I am terrible at posing.  I don't know what I am supposed to be doing in front of the camera.  However, I recently came across this silly and fun post on another bloggers page.
Poses Bloggers 101
     It made me smile.  Now I can be one of the cool kids, right?  I should try "The Four"... But I'm worried I would just fall over.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Photo Parade!

Photo Parade
     I will be posting these every so often.  Just old photos I have taken in various outfits for inspiration purposes.  They are from the past few years.  I have the photos, so I may as well use them, right?

Advanced Style

Fashion Blog Alert!
     I am a total novice at fashion blogging.  I only started this recently because someone suggested it.  I know my style is lacking.  But I wanted to share an amazing fashion blog with you!  These ladies have style in their blood.  And they've had the time to really perfect their art.
     Advanced Style is a fashion blog about the mature ladies of New York City, USA.  I recently watched the documentary about the blog.  I also recommend that.  These ladies are inspiring and fabulous.  It's worth a look!

REVIEW: White Flower Pattern Blouse

Reviewing Product From "ben_fl" on eBay
     I love shopping for deals.  I almost never spend more than 10USD for a single item of clothing, usually.  There are a few exceptions.  Even most of my shoes cost 10USD or less.  This blouse was a good find for the right price.
     I was able to get this for 3.75USD plus 1USD for shipping.  That's less than 5USD total.
     I took some photos above so you can see the garment and details.  Below this post is the official product photo that I got off of the eBay seller's page.  The only issue I had with the product photos (There were several) is that the model always wore the sleeves short, as you can see in the below photo.  So I was under the assumption that it was designed with sleeves that were sewn that way.  It actually has regular long sleeves.  And they are rather loose on me, so they don't stay up like that.  Otherwise, it seems very much like the same product.
     It's a bit uncomfortable with the double layered front (To create the textured look) and single layered back.  But that's probably just a personal preference.  I'm sure I can get used to it.  The back has a single button closure on the top, behind the neck.  The sleeves each have 2 buttons to open and close the cuffs, as needed.
     I like the collar.  It has little beads, creating a cute pattern.  I also like the shape of the collar.
     The bottom right photo on the top of this post shows the under seam.  The stitching is a little ruff.  But I find that most products I purchase from sellers that ship from China have this issue.  It's not nearly as bad as the track suit.  It seems sturdy enough.  I have no real concerns with it.
     There is no brand tag.  Just a small M tag (Medium).  This is also not uncommon from sellers that ship from China.
     You will have to wear a camisole under this, if you purchase it.  As the fabric is quite thin and can be seen through.  Particularly if you wear a coloured brassiere.
     CONCLUSION: A good deal.  The product is wearable, fashionable and though it's not a high quality product, it's well worth the price paid.  I will be giving this seller a positive feedback.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Look of the Day

November 29th 2014
     Today's look has 2 versions.  I changed the blouse and switched the blue blazer to a blue cardigan.  The first look is above.  The second look (very similar) is at the bottom of this post.
     You're probably thinking "Wow, Kitty... Do you ever "not" wear your hair in a messy topknot?"  To which I reply "Hey!... Shut up..."  It's just easier than styling my hair.  I am lazy.  It takes less than 5 minutes.  The down side?  No hats... I love hats...  As it gets colder, topknots are going to have to go.  I have to keep my head warm!
     You are probably also thinking "What's with the cheesy poses?"  To which I reply "I'm still trying to get the hang of this..."  I don't really know how I'm supposed to be standing, so you'll have to deal with tacky poses until I get this all figured out.  Bear with me!
     Now to the clothing.  TOP: The boots and blue blazer are from Kmart.  The blouse is from eBay and I will be doing a review on it in an upcoming post.  So keep an eye out.  It has a white floral design over a white blouse.  The tights are from Claire's.  The short trousers are Forever 21.  The neckerchief is hand made.  I made it when I was a kid, in Summer camp.
     BOTTOM: The changes are the blouse which I switched out for a silver shimmer blouse from Kmart, and a blue cardigan which is also from Kmart.  It's slightly more comfy than the above version.  I need to accessorize more, don't you think?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Look of the Day

November 27th 2014 Happy American Thanksgiving!
     I hope that everyone celebrating Thanksgiving in the USA had a wonderful and filling holiday.  Above is a photo with detail shots of what I wore today!
     The red dress, cardigan and coat are from Forever 21.  The shoes are hot topic, the leggings are Claire's.  The Butterfly broach is from Kmart.  I don't recall where the necklace is from, sorry.  But it is one of my favourites.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Shopping Trip: November 22 2014

     I went shopping today.  So here's what I bought!
     In the photo at the bottom to the left you can see what I purchased at Charlotte Russe.  It's what I wore in the bigger photo.  It's so comfortable!  The "Fancy Pants"  are workout bottoms.  I got them because I go to the gym nearly every day.  I can't keep wearing my Mickey bottoms all the time.  It's too much laundry.  So now I can alternate.  These were on clearance for 15USD.  The "London United Kingdom" top was 19.99USD.  It's a really interesting design.  It's short in the front and long in the back.  I love the cityscape across the top, with the London Eye.
     I also visited Claire's.  Which you can see in the second photo at the bottom.  I purchased two items here.  The owl necklace was about 12USD, I think.  The black tights with the cat face were the same price.  They had a store wide sale of Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off.  The tights are apparently part of a Katy Perry collection.  I'm not really a fan of her's, but I liked the tights.  Plus my current only pair of black tights has at least 5 rips in them.  They are pretty unusable at this point.

Look of the Day

November 22nd 2014
     Today's outfit for going out shopping.  A good example of using Summer clothes during cold weather by incorporating leggings.
     You can see the layers in the photo below.  And my silly face making in the photo above.  :o
     The coat is from Forever 21.  I love the owl print on the inside.  The scarf is from Kmart.  I wore it in an earlier post as well.  It's a furry infinity scarf.  I forget where the leggings came from, but you can get black leggings nearly anywhere.  The short trousers (Shorts) are from forever 21.  I bought them recently in the Clearance sale area.  The boots are from Kmart.  The small clip in feathers in my hair are from CVS Pharmacy.  The blouse is from Kmart.  The camisole underneath is Forever 21.  The owl purse is from Claire's.  It's currently being sold, so you can purchase it right now, if you want.  The owl necklace is only visible in the detail shot because I actually purchased it while out shopping.  So I didn't have it when I took the initial photos.  I thought it would go well with the other owl elements of my outfit.

Friday, November 21, 2014

PASCAL MILLET Ready to Wear Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 | BACK...

Sneak Peek!

Upcoming Reviews
     Here is a sneak peek at 3 purchases I have made recently off of eBay that I will be reviewing, as they arrive.  A headset, a blouse and a dress.  Please check back often for new updates!