Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DIY: Chibi Moon Baby Costume

 DIY PROJECT: Sailor Moon Costume
     DIY clothing counts as fashion, right?  Sure!  Even if it is just a baby costume.
     My friend is a huge Sailor Moon fan.  She is also having her first baby!  So, I decided to make her baby a Sailor Chibi Moon costume.  I got a pack of 3 onsies, since plain white onsies are impossible to find outside of packs.  I also bought some plain T-shirts in red, white and pink.  T-shirt fabric is comfy for baby as well as being easier to clean and such.  I got some white ribbon for the collar and 2 buttons.  A jumbo yellow button and a little pink heart to put together to make her broach.  Below you can see some of the process.
     After finishing the costume I tried to figure out what to do with the last two onsies.  I used some coloured Sharpies to draw on them.  Sailor Moon on the front of one, with wings and "Little Moonie" on the back.  The other has a Sailor moon bow and broach.  I have never taken sharpies to clothes before.  I hope that as long as she hand washes them in cold water that they should be alright.  You can check them out below!

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