Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Look of the Day

January 28th 2015
     Trying out my new SheInside scarf.  I will do a review of it soon.  The boots are from Kmart.  The Blazer is from Charlotte Russe.  The camisole (You can somewhat see it) is from Forever 21.  The owl bracelet and ring are eBay.  The owl necklace (Don't think you can see it) is from Claire*s.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Look of the Day

January 25th 2015 A Fun Day Out
     Today, my family and I went to Power Play for a fun family day together.  So I wore something fun.
     I still have my Disney nail tips (I know you can't really see them.  My Marvel Loki necklace was purchased off eBay and is an officially licensed Marvel product.  My DC Wonder Woman shirt I got from Walmart.  The blazer was purchased from Kmart.  As were the boots.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fashion and Style

Fashion Blog Alert!
     I came across this fashion blog and wanted to share it with you!  What's so great about it?  Well, other than the fact that I love most of her (Vanja Milicevic) clothes, she is a content creator.  So many fashion blogs nowadays rely on reblogging for the majority of their content; you end up seeing the same things everywhere.  I fully support content creators.
     Plus, she has non-fashion posts about recipes, inspiration and travel!  Who doesn't love that?  So why not check out this blog?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Look of the Day

January 23 2015
     Funny... I thought I raked all those leaves up... Where do they keep coming from!?
     Skirt and necklace are Body Line.  Jumper and coat are Forever 21.  Bow ring and Emily Mary Jane shoes are Hot Topic.
     The jumper says "DOLL" across it.  In case you were wondering.  The bottom of the shoes have cat paw prints on them.  So if I walk through the dirt, I leave interesting foot prints.  I love Emily shoes.


Reviewing SM NAIL.S Brand Nails (Airbrushed Nails)
     This is a 12 pack of nail tips with Mickey and Minnie Mouse designs (Disney).  I will start off by saying that it's best to buy two 12 nail packs rather than working with the one.  The nails are each a different size.  It's easier to size them to your nails if you have two of each size.
     The nails are a cheap plastic, which is fine for a one week use, provided you use your own nail glue rather than the glue that is included in the box.  I will also point out that this package says "12 pre-glued nails".  These nails are not pre-glued.  There is no glue on the nails.  So the packaging already has false information on it, which is a mark against the brand for me.
     One thing I really found problematic can be seen in the bottom right image, above.  There are imperfections in the design on some of the nails.  The top edges are also chipped on some of the nails.  Unlike more expensive nail tips, plastic nail tips aren't good for filing.  Filing them down to smooth out the edges will reveal the white plastic under the colour.  This is especially obvious on the black nails in this set.  So I just left them as is.
     They are incredibly cheap, so I can't complain too much about the quality.  I got mine for about 1.50USD with free shipping from shareroom8882013 on eBay.
     CONCLUSION: These will not last more than a week. If you do buy them, buy them in pairs.  I wouldn't wear them to nice events, clearly.  They are very low quality.  But just for fun, they work (In the short term).

Thursday, January 22, 2015

REVIEW: Victorian Choice

Reviewing Retail Website: Victorian Choice
     Late last year I was visiting the Renaissance Festival for the very first time!  So i wanted to do it right.  I needed a dress.  Victorian Choice sells dresses in a variety of colours, styles, sizes and from various eras.
     The fabric wasn't shiny like some of the cheaper costumes are.  But it was a slick fabric that I liked because it was easier to wipe off dirt and such that you always end up getting on your Renaissance costume.  The lace was nice, though did get a bit tattered from getting caught on some of the fauna at the festival.
     The dress is actually a skirt and corset top.  The top laces up in the back.  The skirt has an elastic waist band.  The one problem I had was that the skirt was very long.  Taller girls are going to have less problems.  Fortunately you can just hike the skirt up under the corset.
     The dresses do not come with under skirts/petticoats/hoop skirts.  However, you can find one on eBay for reasonable prices.  I got myself a 5 tier hoop skirt for under my dress.  It cost about 20USD (For the hoop skirt).
     Many of the dresses don't need a hoop skirt or petti.  It really depends on the style of dress you choose.  They have Victorian dresses, Edwardian, Tutor, Civic War Era, etc.  Though they are not all correctly categorized.  I found this dress placed in the Victorian section.
     The stitching was very good.  The lacing up the back of the corset is just cheap ribbons.  They work fine, but you may choose to replace them with cords or something more sturdy.
     The dress I am wearing in the photo is currently on sale for 111USD.  It usually sells for over 150USD.  It's not cheap, but I feel like it's worth it.  Some of the nicer (Halloween style) bag costumes you would get are around 100USD and they are cheap and awful.  This is actual clothing.  This is a reasonable price for what you get.  You can wear this multiple times without worrying about it falling apart.
     CONCLUSION: The website sells quality costume attire for a reasonable price.  You will get compliments; you will feel fancy.  It's worth the cost.  I only wish they sold costumes for men as well as women.
     Below is the product photo for the dress, so you can compare it with my photo.  As you can see, it looks the same.  What you see is what you get!
Enter Code VictorianChoice12 at checkout before the 24th and get 12% off your purchase.

DIY: Braided Scarf Tutorial

DIY Infinity Scarf
     I have a few infinity scarves.  They are very cute and versatile.  I even have a few friends who make their own.
     I recently came across this great tutorial on how to make a very cute infinity scarf with a braid.  It's made out of T-shirts!
     If you would like to make your own braided infinity scarf, check out the tutorial here.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Give Me Some Advice!

What Would 'You' Like To See?
     This is your chance to tell me what you think I should be posting on this fashion blog: What you are interested in, and would like to see more of; or an aspect of fashion blogging I haven't covered yet.
     I am not sure what people who read fashion blogs are really looking for.  Is it the photos of what people wear?  The articles?  The reviews?  Tips, tricks and tutorials?  You, as a reader, can really help me better understand you... the reader (Wow, that was a big circle).
     If the quality is lacking, let me know that too.  Are the photo compositions not up to snuff?  Are the reviews not in depth enough?  Should I write longer articles?  I could really use your insight.
     So speak up!  Please, leave a comment below!  Even if it's just a comment to tell me how much you don't like my blog.  All views are welcome.  If you do like my blog, and know other people who might like it, please give them the link.  I'd love to have new people viewing my posts.  It helps motivate me to post more.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dry Shampoo: Product Reviews (Volume 01)

Dry Shampoos: How Do These Brands Stack Up?
     Dry shampoo is my best friend.  However, I shop locally, and my favourite brands aren't always in stock.  Because of this, I have had to try out various brands of dry shampoo that I may not have normally purchased.  We will take a look at a few of these brands in a moment.
     First I want to explain the purpose of dry shampoo for those who may not have tried it before.  If you have hair that gets oily quickly (like me), dry shampoo can help to remove some of that oil by simply spraying it in and brushing it out.  Leaving your hair refreshed and oil free.  Also, if you (like me) don't wash your hair every single day, Dry shampoo is a good way to keep your hair from getting oily in between washes.  Because, let's face it, it's the oils in your hair that give it that dirty appearance (Unless you spend a lot of time rolling around in the mud... Then it's probably the mud giving your hair that dirty appearance).  Another reason I use dry shampoo is because I don't like hair shine (You can also use it on wigs, to remove shine).  I know, shiny hair is healthy hair.  I just don't like the way it looks.  Using dry shampoo can help give hair a more matte look.
     So let's look at some of the products I have used in the past (I will review more later).

     I love this one.  Let me tart off by saying that this is my favourite brand of Dry shampoo.  It does the job, you can find it fair priced (I wouldn't say cheap, but not expensive either), and it comes in a variety of great fragrances.  That's what really sets it apart.
     I have tried out Blush and original.  Some of the other scents this comes in include: Tropical, Cherry, Wild and Fresh.  It also comes in a variety of attractive printed cans.  From leopard print to paisley.
     It doesn't take much to coat your hair, as compared to some others I have tried.  So a little lasts a decent amount of time.
     As for cost, it differs by location.  Generally you can get a 6.73oz can for around 8USD, or 1.6oz for about 5USD.
     You can purchase this from or Charlotte Russe.

     I have not had a good experience with this dry shampoo.  It comes in a variety of hair types.  Oily hair, dry hair, etc.  However, I found that the products was lacking in quality.  At least for my hair.
     I tried "For fine/oily" and "For dry/Prone to breakage".  So I will be covering those two in my review here.
     They also have one for Straight/Normal" but I did not try that one out.  Not after my luck with the previous two types.
     The one for "Dry hair" left my hair feeling weighed down.  It was limp and lifeless.  Plus it left a texture on my hair that I found to be unappealing.
     The one for "Oily Hair" worked better.  However, you need to use a lot.  Where as some of the other dry shampoos I used lasted about a month per can, this one lasted maybe 2 weeks.
     This costs about 5USD for a 4.3oz can.  So a fair price.  Not cheap but not expensive.  Though I am not sure I would say the price is worth the quality.
     You can purchase this at CVS Pharmacy and Kmart.

     Suave Professionals
     I really like this one.  It has a nice lemon scent to it.  It also coats the hair really well.  Which means your can is going to really last.
     One down side would be that though it goes on thicker, it is harder to thoroughly brush out of your hair.
     It (Suave Professionals) sadly only comes in the one type.  There's no alternative fragrances or hair types.  But it's also the cheapest I have found, and a decent quality.  So it's worth the purchase.
     Suave does have other dry shampoo products, but not in this line,and harder to find, in my experience.  If I come across them and get the chance to try them out, I will do a review.
     It costs roughly 3.50USD for a 5oz can.
     You can find this at Kmart (I am sure there are other locations, but I haven't come across them, personally).

Monday, January 19, 2015

Look of the Day

January 19th 2015
     This is today's outfit.  Went out with the hubby.  I like finding shirts with simple cartoon females that I can mimic in my outfit, when I wear the shirt.
     Coat from Forever 21.  The shirt you may recall from my Under 10USD Haul post.  It cost 0.91 cents on eBay, if I recall.  The (Converse) shoes are from Hot Topic.  The glasses are from eBay as well.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Look of the Day

January 18th 2015
     I wasn't going to take photos of today's outfit because it didn't seem that great.  However, when I went out today people kept stopping me to compliment my outfit.  So I thought I may as well snap some photos and share it.
     I got the scarf (with charm) off of eBay for 2USD.  The bracelet you may recall from my Under 10USD haul post.  The hat is Kmart, as are the boots and blouse.  The cape is Forever 21.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Look of the Day

January 17th 2015
     A glasses themed outfit for today.  I hope you like it!
     The shirt is from Forever 21.  The oversize glasses are from Hot Topic.  The frog button cape is Forever 21.  The infinity scarf was made by a friend!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Look of the Day

January 9th 2015
     It's been pretty cold lately.  I hope everyone is staying warm.
     The hat is Kmart, The Skirt is eBay, as is the shirt.  The shoes are Hot Topic.
     I will likely do a review on this skirt.  You may have noticed it's just like my green one.  I loved my green one so much, I got one in red too (recently).  So keep an eye out for that.
     Below are some vanity shots for no apparent reason.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

REVIEW: Beautiful Nail Brand Nails

Reviewing "Beautiful Nail" brand Nails
     I have purchased quite a few budget nail tips recently.  The tips are from various brands.  This one's packaging is "Beautiful Nail" brand.  You can get them on eBay for about 2USD a set.
     Each set comes with 24 nail tips of various sizes and a small glue tube.  The nails are a shiny plastic material.  Better for short term use rather than long lasting use.  I wore mine for one week (7 days).  You can see from the photo above that they looked just as good on day seven as day one.
     I would suggest not using the small tube of glue included in the kit.  Get a better brand of nail glue to apply the tips.  They will stay on longer that way.
     The shiny plastic nails don't look as realistic as some of the more expensive brands.  They still do the trick though, for a cute splash.  I wore this set for Christmas morning through New Year's eve night.
     For a budget nail I would say these aren't bad.  The print is clear and visible.  The nails are strong enough not to break or crack during regular use.  I wore mine 24/7 while doing regular activities such as washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, washing the dog, etc.
     CONCLUSION: Definitely worth the 2USD (plus free shipping) paid.  If you can find nails this brand and pay less than 5USD, I say go for it.  Just remember to purchase a better glue to use them with.