Thursday, January 22, 2015

REVIEW: Victorian Choice

Reviewing Retail Website: Victorian Choice
     Late last year I was visiting the Renaissance Festival for the very first time!  So i wanted to do it right.  I needed a dress.  Victorian Choice sells dresses in a variety of colours, styles, sizes and from various eras.
     The fabric wasn't shiny like some of the cheaper costumes are.  But it was a slick fabric that I liked because it was easier to wipe off dirt and such that you always end up getting on your Renaissance costume.  The lace was nice, though did get a bit tattered from getting caught on some of the fauna at the festival.
     The dress is actually a skirt and corset top.  The top laces up in the back.  The skirt has an elastic waist band.  The one problem I had was that the skirt was very long.  Taller girls are going to have less problems.  Fortunately you can just hike the skirt up under the corset.
     The dresses do not come with under skirts/petticoats/hoop skirts.  However, you can find one on eBay for reasonable prices.  I got myself a 5 tier hoop skirt for under my dress.  It cost about 20USD (For the hoop skirt).
     Many of the dresses don't need a hoop skirt or petti.  It really depends on the style of dress you choose.  They have Victorian dresses, Edwardian, Tutor, Civic War Era, etc.  Though they are not all correctly categorized.  I found this dress placed in the Victorian section.
     The stitching was very good.  The lacing up the back of the corset is just cheap ribbons.  They work fine, but you may choose to replace them with cords or something more sturdy.
     The dress I am wearing in the photo is currently on sale for 111USD.  It usually sells for over 150USD.  It's not cheap, but I feel like it's worth it.  Some of the nicer (Halloween style) bag costumes you would get are around 100USD and they are cheap and awful.  This is actual clothing.  This is a reasonable price for what you get.  You can wear this multiple times without worrying about it falling apart.
     CONCLUSION: The website sells quality costume attire for a reasonable price.  You will get compliments; you will feel fancy.  It's worth the cost.  I only wish they sold costumes for men as well as women.
     Below is the product photo for the dress, so you can compare it with my photo.  As you can see, it looks the same.  What you see is what you get!
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