Saturday, February 21, 2015

Look of the Day

February 20th 2015
     A little bit of Spring during the Winter...

     The hat, jumper and shoes are all Forever 21.  I don't recall where I purchased the floral trousers, sorry.
     I usually don't mix florals, but the small amount of floral lace on the top of the jumper wasn't overpowering, and helped to compliment the floral trousers.  The flowers on the hat helped to bring it all together.

POLYVORE: A Stroll in the Park

A Stroll in the Park

Thursday, February 19, 2015

TUTORIAL: Nail Tip Application

Nail Tip Tutorial (How To Do It At Home For Less)
     Going to the salon to get your nails done can really add up after a while.  For those on a budget who like having nice nails, but don't want to, or can't paint them... premade nail tips are a great alternative.  My nails don't grow long because of my anemia.  I have a lot of trouble trying to paint them because I am legally blind... I can't afford monthly trips to the salon... So I get cute premade nail sets and end up with a great look that costs (usually) less than 10USD!  Of course there are more expensive sets (I have bought some of the 30-40USD sets before).  The pricier ones are better quality, usually... Either way, the process is the same.

     I am using a set of 12 nails I got for around 2USD.  Generally you would want to get a 24 set.  The 24 set will have more sizes available.  You can also get 2 sets of 12 to accommodate.  I am sticking with the basic 12 for this tutorial.  However, I don't recommend it for you (I am lazy and cheap).

     First off you should open the box and take a look at the various nail sizes you have available.  If you get a larger set, there is usually a compartment at the top that has about 12 nails all in one slot.  The other 12 are in their own slots for presentation.  The bottom generally has a small tube of nail glue.  Go ahead and ignore the provided nail glue if you want your nails to stay on. (NOTE: You can use acrylic paste with nail tips to keep them attached indefinitely.  This tutorial only covers glue, however)

     Take out the nails, one at a time and press them against your own nails.  You'll want to find the perfect size tip for each nail on each hand.  When you find the right size, place it in order, in front of you.  Do this for each hand.  This way you know exactly which nail will go on each finger.  This will save you time during application, as well as make sure you have the sizes you need.

     Make sure your nails are clean before you start.  There should be no polish, left over glue, dirt, etc (They also need to be dry).  If you have a nail infection do not use nail tips until the infection clears.

     Use a good nail glue.  You should buy one before you begin.  They can be found at almost any shoppe that sells cosmetics.  I am using Nailene.  I have used various brands.  I find that those that come in this type of bottle work best.

     Pick up the first nail tip.  The round side in the bottom (If working with square top nails).  You should apply one drop to a pinky tip (Close to the round end that will be pressed against the nail.  Do not add glue to the square edge that will not be touching the nail).  Two drops for your finger tips.  Three drops for the thumb tip.  Do one nail at a time.  Apply the drop/s.  Press firmly against the nail, in the desired position, hiding all of the natural nail, but avoiding contact with skin.  Be sure it's straight.  Crooked nail tips look unnatural (I had a professional salon nail artist apply tips crooked on me before... So disappointing).  Hold the tip in place for 10-30 seconds.  You can stop pressing when the nail tip feels secure.  Do not press too hard.  Just enough to keep the nail pressed against the tip to form the bond.  Make sure the glue bonds evenly.  If it feels like there is no glue on half of the nail, or you can slip a finger nail between your natural nail and the tip, remove it carefully and reapply the glue.  It is important to get an even coat.  You do not want any dirt or moisture to be able to get under the nail tip.  If it does, this can lead to nail infection.

     Continue this process with the remainder of your nails.  Avoid doing too much with your hands for a short time, to be sure the bonds are fully formed.  Nothing is more embarrassing than a nail popping off and flying across the room.  you may want to carry your nail glue in your purse with you, just as a safety precaution.

     (If you have thick acrylic nails you can file them down to the size and shape you desire.  this can not be done with the plastic ones.  However, remember that if they have designs on them already, filing can damage the edge of these designs)

     Your nails should remain in place for one to three weeks for cheaper sets and 4-6 weeks for pricier sets.  However, they can easily be removed and switched out with new designs at your leisure.  To remove just dip your nails in an alcohol solution or nail polish remover to break up the bond formed by the glue.  Always follow up with some hand lotion as these solutions dry the skin.

     Enjoy your new nails!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

POLYVORE: Rainy Day Patriot

Rainy Day Patriot

Sea New York knit top
$230 -

Darling white top
$37 -

Red pleated skirt

River Island black legging
$34 -

Antique jewellery

Kate Spade belt

$43 -

Look of the Day

February 16th 2015
     We went out to visit Target.  While there, I bought a dress from the clearance rack to wear for my anniversary late next month.  I like to be prepared!  So keep an eye out for that.
     Today I wore trousers from Forever 21.  They are a couple sizes too big, sadly.  I bought them on clearance ages ago and wasn't able to try them on in the shoppe.  Clearance sales are final though.  So I make due!  The blouse is from Kmart (I need to remove that inside tag... Bloody sheer fabrics).  The shoes are also Forever 21.  The belt and bracelet are from eBay.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Look of the Day

February 15th 2015 
      My current favourite colour scheme. Red, white, blue and black.
      The beret is from Kmart, as is the blue blazer. The short trousers and blouse are from Forever 21. As are the shoes. The cat leg wear is from Claire's. The adorable stripped bow I found on eBay, after much searching for something like it.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Look of the Day

February 14th 2015 Happy Valentine's Day (Casual Edition)
     This is the more casual look I created for today.  Basically just threw on a top and trousers, then added red and white accents to give it a more Valentine's appearance.
     The hat was from Kmart.  The jacket is from eBay.  The shoes are Hot Topic.  Yes, I am wearing socks with my pumps.  It's bloody cold outside.

Look of the Day

February 14th 2015 Happy Valentine's Day! (Professional Romance Edition)
     I decided to do 2 kinds of outfits today.  One for work, dining out, etc.  Then another for a casual outing.  This one is the more professional look.
     I don't usually wear my hair down, but I did today.  This look would also suit a bun or side swept updo.
     The bracelet was Claire's.  The fascinator was a basic craft base (Can be purchased at most craft shoppes) and a bow clip.  The bow clip was from Forever 21.  The shoes are Hot Topic.  I forget where the other items (Silk ruffled ink blouse, white waist coat, pink wiggle pencil skirt) were purchased.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

UPDATE: Sick for a Week

Apologies for the Lack of Updates this Week
     For the past week I have been really under the weather.  No getting dressed up and going out.  In fact I barely even touched my laptop for the past week.  My illness has simply knocked me off of my feet.
     I am beginning to improve, so I should be able to make more updates this upcoming week.  Thank you for understanding!  Enjoy the drawing of me above... In all my sickly glory.