Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Look of the Day

March 27th 17 Year Marriage Anniversary
     My marriage anniversary!  We went out to eat.  Sorry, I didn't have a lot of time for snapping photos.  So it's not a great photo of the dress.  This is the dress I am wearing in the photo (Only in blue, instead of red).  Also, I got it cheaper than it is listed on it's product page, because it was on clearance during a clearance sale.  I believe it was somewhere around 12USD.
     Dress is Target.  Shoes, Hot Topic.  Coat is Forever 21, Scarf was made by my mother in law.
     I keep gaining weight!... I need to diet and exercise more.  The weight gain is really depressing me.

Look of the Day

March 21st 2015 A Day Out
     I went to visit my in laws today.  We had lunch and then spent some time at their home, in their yard.  It was a fairly warm day, and as Spring is finally here, I wanted to wear something that really said "Spring".

     The hat is Forever 21.  The top is Kmart.  As is the pair of denim capris.  You can't see them but my brown Kmart boots are also being worn.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

REVIEW: Gradient Hair Extensions

Reviewing Hair extensions from eBay seller "moonship2012"
     My husband often says he misses my pink hair (I used to have my hair dyed pink, ages ago).  I saw these extensions (from moonship2012) and decided this would be a fun way to make him happy without dying my hair pink.  It's rare to find a brown that actually matches the shade of brown that my hair is.  I was really pleasantly surprised with this product.

     Above is the product according to the listing.  I purchased the "Dark Brown to Cherry Pink" gradient.  The listing also offers various other colours.  These colours include: Black to light purple, black to pink white, rose red to dark purple, dark purple to pink, sapphire to sky blue, rose red to pink white, dark blue to light blue, etc (There are a lot more colours.  You can see all the available combos here).  Not a ton of natural colours.  However, there are also non-gradient extensions that you could use with your own hair acting as a gradient.

     Above is the product I received.  It took just under a month for the package to arrive.  The extension (I purchased two) was in a plastic sleeve.  I suggest keeping the sleeve in order to store it when not being used.  The colour may look a bit different in my photos.  The product photo is pretty true to the colour of the actual product.

     Each extension has 5 clips to attach to your hair.  The length from side to side is 25 centimeters.  That's just under 10 inches.  It should reach roughly from behind one ear to behind the other ear.  The extensions are full enough to where you could easily just use one extension.  I purchased 2 because I had bad experiences with extensions being too thin before.  These are a good quality.  As well as being matte.  This means you will not get that plastic wig shine that some extensions have.  These are gorgeous.  I love them so much.  They blend in with my hair really well.  Even in outdoor light.
     The length is about 60 centimeters or 23 inches.  So this is going to look more natural if you already have quite long hair.  otherwise you may need to trim the extensions.  You don't want the extensions to be too much longer than your natural hair if you aren't layering extensions.

     Above you can see the front and back view for these extensions in my hair.  I probably should have brushed my hair better but it was a bit windy outside, so I apologize.  You get the basic idea, either way.  You can see the basic length of the extensions and how the gradient looks with hair layered over it.
     The best part?  these extensions are less than 7USD (Including shipping) each.  If that isn't a deal, I don't know what is.  Especially for the quality.
     CONCLUSION:  Get them.  These are a great bargain.  Good price, decent shipping time (Considering it's shipped from China, which can often take a long time), good quality product.  It was a great experience.  I recommend the seller and the product.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Look of the Day

March 17th 2015 St. Patrick's Day
     Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  Alright, so as far as I am aware, I have zero Irish blood in me.  However, I don't like being pinched, so I'm wearing green!
     The green Kiss Me sash is from the Dollar tree, as is the green bow tie.  I used a white scarf with green hearts that I got from Dollar Tree to make my Kmart hat match the look.  The green skirt is from eBay, as is the blouse (Blouse review here).  The shoes are Hot Topic.

Look of the Day

March 14th 2015 Off to the Cinema
     We went out to see Cinderella at the cinema.  So I wore my Minnie Mouse top and my Disney Princess denim trousers.  A review of the pink hair extensions will be added at a later time.
     The white fashion top with the missing shoulder and red bow was purchased at my favourite store, Vault 28.  I wish I could shop there all the time.  Sadly I only got the pleasure of visiting this shoppe once.  It is located in Anaheim, California.  The trousers with the pink roses and gold vine embroidery are from the Disney Store.  I also wore some candy themed nails in pink and brown.

Look of the Day

March 12 2015
     You can find a review of the dress in this look here.
     The dress is from eBay.  The glasses chain is from Dollar tree.  The bow belt is from a seller on eBay.  The shoes are Hot Topic.
     I need to hit the gym more often.  I'm looking rather chunky lately.

REVIEW: Cap Sleeve Cocktail Dress from eBay seller efashionforu

Reviewing Dress from eBay seller "efashionforu"
     A few weeks back I ordered a dress from an eBay seller called "efashionforu".  The product photo (You can view it below) looked very cute and the price seemed like a bargain.  Of course, if it seems too good to be true, generally it is.  The price was listed at 8.55C (or 6.68USD).  The shipping was free.  It took about a month to arrive.
     Please examin the product photo above carefully.  You'll notice immediately that the product that arrived at my home was in fact not the dress in this photo.  The above photo was the main photo from the eBay listing.  The dress is a sturdy fabric and the collar is stiff.  The checks are quite large, the bottom skirt fits loose.

     The package was a bag and within the bag was a plastic wrapped garment (The dress).  The plastic packaging had Chinese writing on it.  I do not read Chinese, so... I can't read it.  I'm sure it says "Ha ha, stupid American, you thought you were getting the real dress, but we sent you a bootleg".  Or something like that (Just kidding).

     When I removed the garment from the plastic bag I immediately noticed it was quite thin.  Also, no stretching.  If you purchase this, buy a size bigger than you need.  The fabric is not stretchy at all.  The hip area, that seems to stretch to fit in the photos below, is actually sewn into a "hip" shape.  Above you can see the loose stitching that runs all over this dress.  It's very sloppily made.
     You can also, of course, see the pattern difference when you compare the below photo (Of the dress I received) and the above product photo (Of the dress from the listing).

     The top of the dress fits incredibly bagg and the bottom fits tightly.  It's as though this dress was sewn for a specific body type.  If you don't have that figure, you won't be able to wear it correctly.  I used a belt (As seen in the top banner) to try to make the dress fit better.
     CONCLUSION: The dress is not the same as the product being advertised.  It's clearly a low quality bootleg.  If you just want a cheap dress to wear, and have a month to wait for it, I suppose you could get it.  Expect it to fall apart quickly, due to the poor stitching.  Like I said, get a larger fit.  The non-stretchy fabric is not forgiving.  If given the option to buy again, I would decline.  This product isn't worth the 6USD it cost, in my opinion.

Monday, March 16, 2015

REVIEW: Oversized Shirt From Etsy's DentzDesign

Reviewing Etsy Shoppe DentzDesigns Shirt "Meow Universkitty - Cat Sweatshirt - Black Slouchy Oversized Sweatshirt"
I found this shirt on Polyvore.  Everyone agreed it was perfect for me.  So I decided to purchase it.  I had never purchased anything from an Etsy seller before.  So this was a new experience for me.
     The shirt costs 22USD currently.  You can purchase one for yourself if you like from this page.  It is also available (From the same shoppe) in pink or grey.  There is also a hooded version in pink, black or grey.  Lastly, there is a T-shirt version in pink, black, white or grey.  Prices vary.

     A day after I ordered the shirt I was notified that it had been mailed.  It took 5 days from my notification to receive my package in the post.
     It was packaged neatly and arrived safely.

     Inside the shirt was folded and packaged in a plastic sealed bag.

   Inside was the garment, with tag attached.  The tag has the shoppes name on it.
     Now, I ordered a size M.  I usually wear a shirt in XS-S.  However, I wanted to be sure that the top fit baggy.  If you purchase this top know that you do not need to do this.  The tops is already sized to be baggy.  So if I would have ordered the small, it still would have fit big.  I did not know this, so my shirt fits very big.
     One thing (This is nit picky) I did not like is that the product photo shows the shoulder being removed and the text being straight across.  However, in reality the neck hole is just very large (Shoulders in tact) with straight text.  This means you need to shift the top to one side for the shoulder to hang out, which causes the text to slant.  This isn't an issue of course.  But it bugs me that the product photo does not show the product accurately.
     The top is quite thick.  I expected it to be more like women's jumpers which tend to be more light weight with thinner more "hanging" fabric.  Whereas men's jumpers tend to be thicker and bunch rather than hang.  This is more like a men's jumper.  So expect it to bunch more than hang.  Though on the bright side, it will absolutely keep you warm.
     There is no ink/dye smell to the shirt, which implies it was pre-washed.  This is really great.  It means you can wear it immediately, and there will be little to no shrinking after the first wash.  As well as the fat that it will not bleed when you wash it (Things that are not pre-washed often bleed).
     CONCLUSION:  All-in-all I had a great experience.  The product was decently priced, arrived quickly and was comfortable, well made and fit well enough.  I would recommend the product and the shoppe.  They have several other designs available that are equally cute and quirky.  It's worth taking a look.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Look of the Day

March 9th 2015
     I went down to the local community college today so I chose a nice student look.
     Blouse from Kmart, the argyle jumper is Forever 21.  The trousers were from Hot Topic.

Quick Snap: March 8th