Friday, May 29, 2015

REVIEW Pink & Brown Two Tone Wig

Reviewing a Wig from eBay Seller "insteadnow"
     I have grown rather fond of the pink and brown hair mix.  So I went ahead and got a full wig.  I tried to get this for cheaper from a few different eBay sellers but I kept missing out.  Eventually, I ended up buying it for 12.99USD + 2.99USD shipping from "insteadnow".  More than I generally spend on a wig, but not terrible.

     I arrived pretty quickly after I purchased it.  7 days after the purchase and payment, the item was in my post box.  You can see the packaging above, to the left.  Pretty standard packaging.  A white plastic outer bag, a clear ziplock bag inside with white cardboard around the edge of the wig.  The wig itself inside a netting.  It also came with a little semi translucent note from the seller.
     Above to the right is what it looked like immediately upon removing it from the package.  No brushing, styling or anything.  Not too shabby looking.  Ignore my pyjamas.
     The wig is slightly shiny, but not overly so.  Certainly more shiny than my extensions I reviewed last time.  You can't tell as long as you are indoors or out on a cloudy day.  But if you intend to wear it out in sunshine, it may need a powdering.
     The texture is nice.  Soft to the touch.  It's somewhat thick but if you aren't careful, you can see the mesh on the cap, under the hair.  I don't like that.  Because of this, I prefer to wear the wig with a hat, to be safe.
     I have a small head (I wear child size hats).  This wig has a band inside that you can use to make the wig fit better for smaller heads, but I have noticed it just comes undone fairly easily.  So I am sticking with using hair pins to keep it in place.  Also, using those bands to fit a large wig to a small head creates bunches in the cap, which never looks good.  It's something to think about.

     Time for the comparison of actual product received to the product photos presented on the auction.  At first glance you may say "That is clearly the same wig"... But you would be wrong.  Now, yes, I could try styling the brown on the side to not fall apart like that, into bunches.  Wig spray perhaps?  But the real point that makes it obvious is the underside.
     The underside of the part of the wig with brown hair is pink.  But in the photos, that whole section of hair is brown.  Only the very top layer of that section is brown.  See the photo below.

     The image on the right is the image from the auction.  The underside there is brown.  On the left is my wig... the underside is pink.  There is no way to get the brown to look like that with the actual wig.  Which means these photos are actually of a different, but similar wig to what they are actual selling.
     Mind you, it is still a nice wig.  I like the wig.  However, do not expect the same wig as what is presented on the auction.  I would have actually preferred it to look like the photos provided.  To have more brown.  To be less shiny... I am not unhappy with my wig or the quality.  But I am not overly thrilled either.  I am tired of buying products, expecting to get what is being presented, and receiving something else that is similar, but not the same.
     CONCLUSION:  So, is it a nice wig?  Yes!  A good style?  Yes.  Realistic? Meh, it's ok.  A fair price?  Sure.  Fast delivery?  Absolutely.  My only real issue, personally, was that it is not the wig they portrayed it as.  Then again, I am always skeptical with eBay, nowadays.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Discount Code: Meowington Bombay Purrse

     If you enjoy cat themed goods, you may already know about Meowingtons.  If you don't check it out.  It's not something I can afford, since I am a budget shopper, but I love to look at things I can't afford.
     Meowingtons is currently having a special on a single item.  A great cat themed purse -- Ahem... "purrse".

     Just enter this code at checkout:


     You'll get 60 percent off of the original price of the purse!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Critique: Hot Topic Customer Service (Email + Phone Version)

Customer Service Critique : Hot Topic : Email Division + Phone
     I have had a Hot Topic website account since... Oh goodness... 2003ish?  Something like that...  Ever since I have had the account, I have used the same email.  I don't even use that email for anything anymore.  So, on May 12th I decided to log into my account and change the email.  After I changed the email, the website logged me out.  I went to log back in, using the login and password that my browser has saved into it (The same one I used to log in a few minutes earlier).  It didn't work... Well, I did update the email.  So I used the updated email as the log in, and the same password... Didn't work...  Alright, clicked the "Forgot Password" button, entered my new email... said it was sent... checked... Nothing (Not even in the spam folder).  After waiting several minutes and refreshing my email, I used the "Forgot Password" button again.  This time I used my original email.  Went to the email... nothing (Not even in the spam folder)... Waited... still nothing...
     Well, this is what customer service is for, right?  So I filled out their "Help" form and waited for my reply...  Here is how this went...

Me: May 12th 2015
I've had this account for ages.  My login was *****
I signed in today with my same login and password as always.  Changed my email to *****.  It logged me out.  I tried signing back in with the old email.  It said it was incorrect.  I tried signing in with the new email.  It said it was incorrect.  I used the forgot password feature with both my old and new email... Neither addresses received any emails from hottopic.  Now I can't access my account.  I never changed the password at all.  Just the email.
Name: Kitty

Jesse from HT Customer Service: May 13th 2015
Hello Kris,

I’m sorry to hear you were having difficulty with your account. Not to worry though! I would be more than happy to update your account! In order for me to do this I will need some more information.

Please send me the following info:

1) HT+1 Card Number
2) Email address
3) Home Address (full street, city, state, zipcode, if you’re in Canada, postal code)
4) Date of Birth
5) 10 Digit Phone Number

With this information, we will make any updates where needed.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us! We are available to assist you Monday-Friday 6am-7pm, Saturdays 7am-7pm and Sundays 7am to 6pm.

 Thank you for emailing Hot Topic and have a great day!

(PLEASE NOTE: that Jessie just called me Kris... My name is not Kris...  Clearly, someone is skimming the reports, and not paying attention)

Me: May 13th 2015
Thank you.  I think my HT+1 number is my member number, right?  My member number is *****.
The email I changed is this one **** (It used to be ****)
The home address is
The date of birth is ***
The phone number is ****

Krystal V from HT Costumer Service: May 15th 2015
Hello Kitty,
Thank you for contacting!

I apologize for the inconvenience. I went ahead and sent this to our IT department. Please allow 24-48 hours for them to update your account. Once it has they will then email letting you know all the updated information.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us! We are available to assist you Monday-Friday 6am-7pm, Saturdays 7am-7pm and Sundays 7am to 6pm.

 Thank you for emailing Hot Topic and have a great day!

(PLEASE NOTE: A different person has replied to the email chain now (2 days later).  At least this one read my name correctly.)

Me: May 19th 2015
     I have received no further contact from anyone from Hot Topic Customer Service (or IT).  It has been 4 days since I was told I would be messaged within 48 hours (I even checked my alternate email).  I would really like to be able to access my account.  I have given all of the required information.  I don't understand why my account locked me out just for changing the email, but I didn't think it would be such an ordeal.  Can someone please help me?

Me: May 21 2015 (Entered a new report in the system)
I have been locked out of my account for over a week, and though I have received 2 emails from Customer Service, no one has helped me or given me access to my account.  On the 12th I changed my email associated with this account.  After changing my email, the site logged me out and prompted me to log back in.  However, neither my old nor new email are working to log me in.  The forgot password option is also not sending anything to my email (I have checked the spam mail folder).  I would really like to have access to my account.  Can someone please assist me?

(PLEASE NOTE: It has now been almost a week since the last message received from Customer Service.)

Phone Call: May 27th 2015
     I have become tired of waiting and getting no email replies...  Started feeling ignored and annoyed with the fact that I had been locked out of my account for so long.  So I gave the Customer Service a call.
     It starts with your typical recorded message telling you to press specific number to reach different areas of their phone directory.  Then it asks you to enter your phone number and press pound.  I just pressed pound without the number.  Seemed to work alright.
     I listened to the recorded message stating my call may be monitored and what not.  It only took a few seconds to be paired up with a Customer service representative.  The connection when she picked up was bad.  I could barely understand anything she said.  The call up until then had been clear.  I would provide her name in this review, but I couldn't understand her, so I don't know what it was.  I explained that I was locked out of my account.  She asked for my member number.  I gave it to her.  She then put me on hold for a couple minutes.  The hold music was awful and so loud...  She came back and asked for my name, I gave it to her... back on hold again...  She came back and gave me a password (The worst password).  She told me to try it out now so we could verify it worked.  I put in the email I changed my account to before getting locked out, with the new password.  It didn't work.  She asked what email I was using.  I read it off to her.  It was wrong.  Apparently, it reverted back to the old one at some point (Which I had tested out, but hadn't given me access for the past few weeks).  I tried the old email with the new password... It worked.  I was finally able to access my account.  I said "Thank you" and the call ended.  All that was left to do was change the password.  I want to change the email but I am terrified it will lock me out of my account again if I try.

So here are my scores for the customer service for Hot Topic.
EMAIL: 1.5/5
PHONE: 3.5/5

Discount Code: Hot Topic Summer Sale

     If you are planning to purchase anything off of the Hot Topic website, here's a code you can use to get 5USD off (If you make a purchase of 50USD or more before shipping and taxes)!


     This offer expires on 07/07/2015.  So use it fast!  
     I suggest using it today.  They are having a Clearance BOGO 1USD sale.  As well as a 1USD shipping (On purchases over 50USD) for residents within the USA.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

HAUL: Hot Topic & Forever 21

HAUL: Shopping at Hot Topic & Forever 21
     As you know, the other day I went to my local shopping district.  I went to Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Claire*s and Hot Topic.  I intended to look in at Delia's but it has closed.  Claire*s was bust...  I was excited to look around Charlotte Russe... I even made that list of items to look for.  However, I was disappointed to find that the only thing the shoppe had in stock (From my list) was one pair of trousers.  I tried them on... but they looked awful on me.  In fact, even outside of the clearance racks, there was nothing I felt compelled to purchase, or even try on.  What a disappointment.  I usually love their clothes...
     Forever 21 had none of the items from the list in the shoppe.  I was feeling completely let down.  I walked around that place for more than 30 minutes, trying to find anything that caught my eye.  Again, I usually love the clothes here, but it seems like this season, everyone has clothing that just does not appeal to me (In the shoppes at least).  I did find a cute pair of tights that you can see pictured above.  I got them for under 5USD.  Grey with little black dots on them (I was going to link to them on the site, but apparently they aren't there).
     Hot Topic actually had a few things I wanted... I tried several pieces on, but as their clearance prices are much higher than they used to be the last time I shopped there (Haven't shopped there in several years), I only chose two pieces.  A Harley Quinn cardigan and a pair of split denim trousers (Pictures below).  The total for the two pieces, on clearance was still around 40USD.  I hate paying so much...  The cardigan alone was more than 40USD at full price.  Honestly, 40USD for a simple cardi?  Outrageous...  Fortunately I got it for 20USD... But that's still pushing it for me.  After all, I am cheap.
     I have wanted a pair of split trousers for ages.  So i was excited to get these.  Besides, 20USD for denim trousers is fair.
     I also tried on a sailor themed bikini.  It was cute, and fit... But 40USD for a swim costume is just too much.  I couldn't bring myself to pay for it.  So I put it back.  They had a waist coat I had seen online, and was hoping to see in the shoppe... But the sizes in stock were too big... Plus the quality seemed far lower than I had anticipated.  The ruffles is made of a cheap linen... I had thought it to be made of something sturdier.  Plus it looked terrible wrinkled...  Oh well...
     See the photos of the cardigan and trousers below.  Also pictured are a pair of Converse shoes I bought for my son ages ago, but his feet were too big... So I just kept them for myself (Even though they are a bit big).  The tie is from Hot Topic (Back in 2005 I think).  The blouse is from Forever 21 (Purchased a couple years back).

Monday, May 18, 2015

BBC News Article: Fake Beauty Products

Rat droppings, urine and arsenic found in fake beauty items

Police are warning people about fake beauty products after substances such as rat droppings, human urine and arsenic were found in seized goods.
Make-up, perfume and sun cream are among the phony items being highlighted by the City of London Police.
It said lab tests showed counterfeit products also had toxic chemicals like arsenic, mercury and cyanide.
The campaign also warns about fake electrical beauty goods that could cause electrocution.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Look of the Day

May 15th 2015 : Shopping Day
     I went to the local outdoor shopping center and walked around for a couple hours while the hubby was at the cinema.  It was a rainy day, which accounts for the umbrella.  Here's my attire for the day.
     Hat is Body Line.  The ring is Minnie Muse from Forever 21.  The Emily Strange Umbrella is from Hot Topic (A long, long time ago).  The shoes are Forever 21, as is the waist coat.  The trousers are eBay.  The coat is Forever 21.  The blouse is eBay.  The wig is eBay (I will be doing a review of it soon).
     I will make a post tomorrow about my shopping trip, and what I bought.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Shopping Hope List

Shopping Hopefulness for May 15th 2015
     What is a shopping hope list?  It's when you know you are going to go out to a shopping district, so you look at the website to find all the things you want.  Then you hope that you find some of those things in the actual shoppes.
     Today I get to go to an outdoor shopping center.  I intend to visit a few of the shoppes and browse the clearance section (Because I almost never purchase something not on clearance).  So I went to the clearance sections of the websites and looked at all of the things that might be nice to try on, see if they suit me, and then purchase some.  Obviously they wont all be at these particular outlets, but I am hoping to find a few.
     Above is my hope list for the Charlotte Russe clearance section.  Charlotte Russe also has an in store student discount.  Since I am starting college soon, and have a student ID, I intend to take advantage of that.

     Above are some lovely items from the Forever 21 website's clearance section.  The problem I usually have with the F21 clearance section is finding my size still in stock.  It seems like they always have the size Large tops and size XS bottoms.  Which are the exact opposite of the size I need.  So I shall be doing a lot of dressing room aerobics today, when I go looking for something to purchase.
     Do you ever notice that the figures of these models does not even come close to the actual standard for the figure of a female purchasing these clothes?  Not to say there aren't plenty of tall slender stick women out there, but I don't feel they are in the majority.  I feel like clothing products should be advertised in a way that actually represents how the product is more probable to look on the purchaser.
     A final note... Forever 21... the website... Browse the tops... See those sheer tops?  Those girls are not wearing a brassiere (Or cami) under those tops...  They are wearing translucent tops with nothing underneath, and the nipples have been (I assume) edited out.  Why?...  No one is going to go out wearing these tops with nothing underneath.  So these tops are not going to look like this while being worn.  So odd...


A WONDERful workout