Saturday, June 27, 2015

Look of the Day

June 1st 2015
     I have been so busy with college work that I haven't had time for updating my blogs.  For this, I apologize.  However, I have several outfit photos to post, when I can free up some time.  This outfit is from my first day of school for the Summer semester.
     The blouse is from eBay, I did a recent review of it.  The Mickey Mouse stockings, shoes, extensions and belt are from eBay as well.  The skirt is Body Line.  The hat is from Kmart.  The Rilakkuma coat is from Mystere Wonderland.  I am wearing a black cardigan under the coat, but I can't recall where it was purchased.

Friday, June 19, 2015

REVIEW: Yellow Loose Chiffon Casual Blouse

Reviewing a top from eBay Seller "eperfectbuy"
     I saw this shirt on eBay for 2.28USD plus 1.69USD shipping.  A shirt for 3.97USD?  Yes please!  However, as I tend to find these deals as always being shipped from China... I was weary.  Would I get the product pictured in the eBay page?  Would it be worth the almost 4USD paid?  I have received pieces of fabric that barely resemble clothing from China sellers before.  It's really a gamble.  It could be an amazing deal, or a complete disaster.  So how did this purchase fair?  Let's find out...
     It arrived in typical packaging.  A plain white shipping bag with a clear plastic bag containing the garment inside.  Purchased on May 11th, it arrived May 28th.  That's not too shabby.  So far, so good.
     Fresh out of the package... It could use some ironing (Ironing chiffon is a bit of a process.  You can find a tutorial on how to do that here).
     At first glance I can see that it is a bit different than the product image that was on the eBay page.  First off, the area on the back with the black ribbon.  The official garment has a sharp V with the ribbon, the actual product has a wide V shaped cut out that the ribbon is attached to.  The double layering under the collar is also uneven on the actual garment.  This is noticeable through the fabric.  The front collar is not a defined shape, it's a bit jagged.  It also does not hang the same as the original garment.  It feels similar to chiffon but if it is in fact chiffon, it is a cheaper chiffon.  What did you expect for that rice?  High quality fabric?
     This is the tag on the inside of the back of the garment.  The brand says NAIZI. I tried researching this brand online but came up empty.  I couldn't find this brand anywhere.  If you know anything about it, please leave a comment below.
     You can see my hand through the fabric here.  the fabric texture seems a bit grainy.  This isn't a deal breaker.  It's just disappointing.  Fortunately this isn't always visible on camera.
     This is what the garment looks like when worn.  I would say it's not a great piece of clothing but it is worth the amount paid.  Note that you will need to wear a camisole underneath, as I did.  It's worth the purchase, if you know what to expect.  I am not unhappy with this purchase.  The garment is a reasonable facsimile of the pictures shown on eBay; just of a lower quality.
     One last note.  See the photo below?  This is taken from the actual eBay page.
     Look at the bottom of the ribbon ties... Looks a little strange, doesn't it?  This is something I see on China auctions a lot.  They took the photos from another website, then edited out the logos of that website (Or sometimes another seller's user name).  This is something to look for.  It means it is unlikely that the image you see is of the product you are going to get.  I don't mind this if the price is quite low.  Though I would warn against spending more than 10USD on anything you see with this red flag.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Online Coupon Codes for diet and beauty products
     If you like diet pills, vitamins and health and beauty related pills, you may already be aware for  I have recently tried one of their diet pills (For which I intend to write a review of), and found that inside my box were coupons.  Each of the cut and use coupons also comes with an online coupon code that you can use if you purchase from the website, rather than your local pharmacy.  I thought I might share these codes with you!

Green Tea Fat Burner: 50¢ OFF
CODE: 011344

Green Tea Triple Fat Burner: 50¢ OFF (This is the product I used)
CODE: 011345

Green Tea Diet Gummies: $2 OFF
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Longer Stronger Hair & Nails: $1 OFF
CODE: 011360

14-Day Acai Berry Cleanse: $1 OFF
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Mood Up Fat Burner: $1 OFF
CODE: 011535

Organic Naked Protein: $3 OFF
CODE: 011679

Liquid Collagen Skin Revitalization: $1 OFF
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CLA Pro Cut: $1 OFF
CODE: 011352

Total Body Daily Defense Anti-Aging: $1 OFF
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Natural Fat Burner: 50¢ OFF
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BB Skin: $1 OFF
CODE: 011587

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Renaissance Photo Shoot

June 06th 2015
     I had a house guest over and we decided to take some photos.  I had originally planned for this to be a couples shoot of my husband and I.  I had also originally intended to have it in a park.  Lastly, I had intended to wear a dress that I haven't finished sewing.  Clearly, none of that was successful.  So instead I threw on my renaissance costume and we took photos in my yard.  Here are those photos.