Sunday, August 16, 2015

Going Blonde

Going Blonde: My Experience at Salon 152
     I used to dye my hair various colours when I was younger.  I have been blonde twice before, but hadn't done anything with my hair in almost a decade.  Below you can see me with my natural colour.  It is a dark chestnut brown (Almost black, especially in Winter).  My husband had been wanting me to go blonde again so I finally decided to give it a go.  I booked an appointment at a hair salon called Salon 152 (Kansas City, Missouri).  I told the receptionist I wanted someone to bleach all of my hair blonde.  She asked if I meant highlights.  I said "no".  She then confirmed that I wanted my entire hair colour to be blonde.  She said colour starts at 55USD.  She asked if I had been there before and I said I had not.  She said she would book me with an appointment with Stacia.

     My appointment was at 2PM on a Monday.  So I had my husband drop me off at the Salon and went inside.  The interior is interesting.  It's a bit of a hodgepodge and the layout makes me think the building used to be owned by a Dentist's Office.  Overall it isn't bad though.  You always have something to look at.  Some of the stylists take you into small rooms and some take you into a sort of cubical area with lots of chairs... Then some style your hair out in the open.
     Stacia met me up front and took me to one of the private rooms.  There was a small television playing Family Feud, a sink, the chair, and a large full length mirror.  She asked me what I wanted done, so apparently no one told the stylist what she was supposed to be doing for me.  I told her I wanted to go blonde.  Again I was asked if I meant highlights.  Again I replied "no".  I explained that I wanted all of my hair to be blonde and she told me that was not possible, because my hair was too dark to bleach blonde.  I felt like I was in some alternate universe and my hair was some magical shade of empty black space where no light could ever exist...  I explained that my hair is dark but it is thin and takes well to bleaching and colouring.  I told her I had gone blonde successfully several times before.  She left the room... I sat there alone for a long time.
     Finally returned and said she needed to call in an "Ethnic Hair Specialist" to do my hair.  She said that I would need to leave and come back at 5.30PM to see the specialist.  Mind you...  I am Caucasian...  I have thin brown hair... Why an "Ethnic Hair Specialist" would need to be called in is a mystery to me.  I begrudgingly agreed and called my husband to pick me up.
     I went back in at the scheduled time and met with a woman named Maribel Cerros.  She took me to one of the cubical areas and asked if I were the person who wanted her hair blonde.  I said i was.  She told me that my hair would need toner and I said I knew that.  I showed her a photo (below) of the hair colour I was hoping for.

     She combed my hair out and piled some on my head.  She started brushing bleach through the bottom layer of dry hair.  She kept taking sections down to brush bleach in but she would comb through each section very roughly.  She kept tangling it then brushing the tangles out by yanking from the top and working her way down.  As someone with long hair, I would have thought she would know to start at the bottom and work her way up to remove tangles without damaging the hair.  I tried telling her that it helps if you start from the bottom but she kept going from the top anyway and asked if my hair usually tangles easily.  Honestly, it doesn't, but I said it did sometimes.  I started getting a headache from how rough she was being with my hair, but I stayed with it and she finished applying the bleach.  She then twisted my hair and piled it on the top of my head.  She put a cap over it and sat my under the dryer.  I was surprised she didn't use aluminium foil.  I figured that maybe it was because I had longer hair.

     Above you can see what it looked like right after I was sat under the dryer, then what it looked like an hour later.  I sat under the dryer for an hour.  There were no televisions in the dryer area and though there were books near the other dryers... there were none near me.  So I was quite bored.  She did check on me twice to ask how I was doing.  Then she took me out from under the dryer and washed my hair.  She added a yellow toner.  She said that this was to make the top and bottoms of my hair match more evenly.  After adding the toner she piled my hair back up on top of my head, put the cap back on and left me under the dryer for 25 more minutes.
     She then took me out from under the dryer and washed and conditioned my hair (She didn't get all of the stuff out of my hair, but I suppose she figured I would wash it again when i got home).  Below you can see what it now looked like after the toner.  First when wet, then when dry.  She combed through my hair really roughly while it was still wet.  I was also sat in a chair that someone had recently had their hair cut it.  The floor and chair had hair on them.  The chair I had been in previously was empty.  I am not sure why she chose the dirty chair.

     I told her it looked really yellow.  I said I was hoping for a lighter shade, but she said there was no way to lighten it more.  I have had lighter blonde, mind you.  And it took less time than this had taken at this point.  However, different bleaches work differently.  So I suppose she wasn't using as strong of a bleach.  I asked if she could make it less yellow by using a blue toner.  She said she could and then toned my hair with the "violet toner".

     Above is a photo of me under the dryer with the toner on my hair.  I was there for about 25 more minutes.  Then she washed it out again.  She didn't wash it very thoroughly.  She even told me I would need to wash the extra toner out.
     She used a pick to comb through my wet hair this time.  Scraping my scalp as she went.  She asked if my scalp was tender and I said it was...  She still kept scraping it, which really hurt.  The heat from the dryer burned as well.  I never use heat on my hair normally.  I use the cool air setting on my blow dryer at home and curl my hair with foam or plastic curlers rather than with a heat wand.
    When my hair was dry she took me up front and told me the bill was 110USD.  I honestly wish she would have discussed the price with me at the beginning since I was assuming it was going to be less, judging from what the lady on the phone told me.  However, I paid the bill and left.
     I took a shower after I got home because the chemicals still in my hair didn't feel good.  I dried my hair with the cool air setting on my dryer and went to bed.

     Above is a photo of my scalp the next morning.  It looked terrible.  It had crusty bits on it and it was sore.  Also some of the hair was really hard toward the roots and felt dry.  I was really unhappy about this.  I made sure to take care of my hair for the next few days to try and get it to heal up.  It is currently mostly healed.

     Above you can see the back of my hair a couple days later.  This is not a very good job, in my opinion.  The top of the back is a weird greyish white while there are strips of that among stripes of other shades of yellow and blonde.  It just looks patchy and bad to me.  I can't do anything about it right now because I want my scalp to fully heal before putting more chemicals on it.  I am hoping to get a blonde dying kit to get everything to match up better.  I have done my hair at home before.  I tried the salon because I thought it would have a more even and natural result...  I don't feel my expectations were met.

     Above is what it looks like from the front.  It looks better from the front than from the back, fortunately.
     Did I enjoy my experience?  Not really.  It took 3+ hours (It has never taken that long to bleach my hair before).  I was uncomfortable and felt the stylist was too rough with my hair and scalp.  My hair IS blonde, which is a plus.  However, the job is uneven.   With what I paid I felt I didn't get a result that matched the price.  I am sure that there are good stylists at this salon.  Perhaps the ones I came in contact with are good at other things.  However, as for bleaching dark thin hair...  I found this to be very sub-par.  I shall never be going there again.

Summer Road Trip

US Road Trip July 2015
     The husband and I took a road trip this Summer.  We visited places in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia.  This is a video of some of the photos and videos from that adventure!
     We visited the Saint Louis Arch in Missouri.  The Marengo Caves in Indiana, The Louisville Kentucky Visitor's Center, Virginia Beach, and so on...
     NOTE: This is not a fashion related post.  Many of the photos and video footage happens to be less than flattering.  I just wanted to share something about my life on my fashion blog.  I am a real person, after all.
     The musical accompaniment is from Baby Faced Beauty (A television program).

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Look of the Day

July 21 2015
     The day of the Doctor!... Oh no, wait... never mind...
     This outfit was assembled for a presentation I was giving in my English class.  Since the presentation was on a specific year in history; what better way to tell it than as a time traveler?  So this was my Doctor Who presentation look.  Not cosplaying as a specific doctor... just doing my own thing.
     The hat is from Kmart.  The skirt is eBay.  the coat was from Forever 21, as is the blouse.  The shoes are Hot Topic.  The scarf was purchased from Think Geek.  Out of all of the Doctor Who 4th Doctor replica scarves available, I recommend the one from Think Geek.  It's not silly and small like the ones you can find from Hot Topic.  It's legitimately long (Note that it is loosely wrapped around my neck yet still both ends reach my ankles) and usable.  It's a great and durable scarf.  i purchased it for my husband a while back.  He wears it in the Winter (I just borrowed it for the presentation... Though I wish I had one of my own).

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Look of the Day

July 20 2015
     The waist coat is from Forever 21.  The trousers are quite old, and I forget where they were purchased.  Possibly Rave.  The shoes are from Hot Topic.  The blouse is from Kmart.  The wig was eBay.

Look of the Day

July 16 2015
     Shoes are Forever 21.  The blouse is Kmart.  The ring is also Forever 21... I believe I purchased the blazer at Kmart as well.  The trousers are quite old so I can't recall where they were purchased.  Though I believe it may have been J.C.Penny.  I got them back in 1999.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Look of the Day

July 15 2015
     Scarf from Dollar Tree.  Skirt, wig and belt are from eBay.  The blouse is Hot Topic, the hat is Kmart.  The shoes are Forever 21.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Look of the Day

July 14 2015
     The hat is from a charity shoppe.  The trousers and shoes are from Forever 21.  The braces/suspenders are from Claire*s.  The blouse is Body Line.

Look of the Day

July 13 2015
     The belt is from eBay.  The dress is from Delia's.  The jumper/knit/cardigan is from Charlotte Russe.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Custom Shoes

Drawing On My Shoes
     A few weeks ago I got a air of plain white canvas shoes from Micheal's for about 6USD.  I had always wanted to draw on a pair of shoes.  It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to draw on them... Lady Loki and Lady Thor!
     First I made a digital drawing of what I wanted the design to look off and then I used that as a reference.  I cut out the pencil middle man and drew the outline in a Sharpie marker fine tip.  I was going to use pencil, but it wasn't working out, so I went all in!  Double or nothing!
     Now, I purchased some fabric markers but I was not able to find all of the colours I wanted.  So to make up for colours I didn't have, I used my Copic markers (For things like skin).
     After colouring, I went back over the outline for each section.  If you plan to do this, wait for a colour to dry before using another colour that will touch that colour.  I had an issue with bleeding when I was using black and yellow near each other, but didn't wait for the yellow to dry.
     I can't get these wet because they are likely to smudge.  I can't put waterproofing on them because I didn't stick to fabric markers.  I read that Copics will smear if you try that.  So I will just avoid wearing these on rainy days.
     Below are photos of the process of customizing my shoes.
     I plan to do a air of Doctor Who shoes for myself as well.  Also my husband plans to buy a pair of plain white canvas shoes so I can draw Thor and Loki on them and he can match me (I will have the female versions and he will have the male).

Look of the Day

July 08 2015
     The dress I purchased from a charity shoppe.  I removed the shoulder pads because... I hate shoulder pads.  The bow is Body Line.  The hat is from Kmart.  The shoes are from Forever 21.

Look of the Day

July 07 2015
     Don't panic, it's just a wig...
     Shoes and Harley Quinn jumper/cardigan are from Hot Topic.  The blouse is from Kmart.  The stockings are from Claire*s.  The skirt and wig are from eBay.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Look of the Day

July 06 2015
     This was a fun outfit.  The hat has paper flowers on it.  They are just glued on.  It's not a very good quality.  I have been adding hair clips to fill in the gaps left by the flowers.  Thus the peach bow.
     Shoes, hat and bolero are Forever 21.  The skirt is Fan Plus Friend Garden.  The blouse is from eBay.  The bow is from Claire*s, I believe.

Look of the Day (Puppy Edition)

July 04 2015
     This year's the American Independence Day celebration ensemble is provided compliments of Sir Alexander Reginald Puppyton!
     The suit is from eBay.  The hat is from Claire*s.

Look of the Day

July 02 2015
     It was a cloudy day so the photos are a bit blurry.  I apologize for that.  I generally use the light from the door, since my indoor lighting is quite dim.
     The dress is from a Korean shoppe, years ago... Sorry i forget which.  The shoes are from Hot Topic.  The coat is from Forever 21, as are the stockings.  The hat is from Body Line.  The scarf is from Kmart.

Monday, August 3, 2015

100 Years of Fashion in 2 Minutes

     Anything before 1965 is totally my style... 65 and after... Less interest...

Look of the Day

June 30 2015
     Class was cancelled today.  Waste of a perfectly good outfit.
     Trousers and shoes are Forever 21.  The hat was from a charity shoppe.  The blouse is Hot Topic.  The jumper is Kmart.  The bow is Body Line.

Look of the Day

June 29 2015
     Another day of school.
     Suspenders and bow tie were purchased from Hot Topic.  The shoes and blouse are from Kmart.  The slacks and waist coat are from Forever 21.

Look of the Day

June 25 2015
     Another day at school.
     The slacks are from eBay, as well as the extension.  The shoes are Hot Topic.  The blouse is from Kmart.

Look of the Day

June 22 2015
     I really like how red and white look together.  I have since I was a child.  So today, I went with a classic red and white look.
     Skirt, belt and hat are eBay.  Shoes are Hot Topic.  The blouse is from Forever 21.  The bow is Body Line.  The collar is a vintage gift I received a long time ago.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Look of the Day

June 18 2015
     Another day at school.  I really just wanted to wear my new pocket watch, so I designed the outfit around it.  The watch doesn't work, needs a new battery.  I will cover that in a future review I intend to do for the watch.
     The shoes and watch are from Hot Topic.  The skirt and bows are from Body Line.  The waist coat is from Forever 21.  The blouse is from eBay.  The hat is from Kmart (I think... I forget... It's a plain black beret.  It can be purchased anywhere, really).

Look of the Day

June 16 2015
     Dress, ring and cardigan are Forever 21.  The tights are from Claire*s.  The head accessory is from eBay.  The shoes are Hot Topic.