Friday, December 23, 2016

Doctor Who Talking Fob Watch Thoughts

     I enjoy fob watches and saw they had a Doctor Who talking light up fob watch at Hot Topic.  My interest was piqued.  I even went to find a video so I could hear the voice, which is David Tennant, in case you were wondering.

You can watch the video here.

     I was intrigued!  I liked the lights and the voice was a great effect... So I went to Hot Topic to pick one up (They were more expensive in the store than online for some reason).  However, when I saw the box in the store I noticed that the watch was quite large.  Much larger than your typical fob watch (pocket watch).  I was willing to overlook this... But as I inspected it further I realised it was not made of metal... It appeared to be plastic... Which makes it a toy...  It is still a functioning watch but there is no way I am wearing a plastic over-sized fob watch, sorry...  I decided against purchasing it due to this... I was so disappointed.  If only it would have been a normal fob watch with the lights and sounds I would have bought it in a heart beat.

     Colour me 52 shades of discontented...

Shopping HAUL: The Limited + Hot Topic

December 21 2016 HAUL
     I went shopping on the 20th and got quite a few things.  I spent under 150USD but purchased over 320USD worth of stuff (Yay, sales).
     These outfits in the photos are not things I wore on this day but things that I paired together to show you what I purchased.  So above you can see the Doctor Who TARDIS cardigan I got on sale for 20USD and the trousers from The Limited that I got for around 20USD.  I am also wearing a sleeveless top from Hot Topic that says I'd Rather be Time Travelling for about 20USD.  The top has a TARDIS inside the word 'Travelling'.

     You can see the pattern on the trousers here (above).  It's a sort of dusty green shade.  You can also see the second pair of trousers I got from The Limited which are brown plaid.

     Again you can see better detail above for both the cardigan and the trousers.

     I also got this Alice in Wonderland coat from Hot Topic on clearance for 60USD.  You can see the lining, which I love.  It was the last coat they had and it was in my size so I saw it as a sign.

     Above you can see the detail of the trousers and the side of the coat.

     And here you can see the shirt detail a bit and another shot of the lining (above) of the coat.

     And lastly you can see the Doctor Who comics I bought.  I got one of the 7th doctor, the 9th, the tenth and the twelfth.  I wanted to get a bunch more but I tried to show restraint.
     So that is everything I purchased when I went out to the shopping distinct.  Though I should specify that the comics were not purchased from The Limited or Hot Topic.  I got them from Vintage Stock.
     Happy Christmas (Or whatever holiday you celebrate, or if you don't celebrate anything then have a happy rest of the year)!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Look of the Day

December 20 2016
     I went down to the shopping district today and bought some stuff.  I will discuss my 'haul' in the next post I make.

     I have been having a hard time trying to get a decent photo recently.  It's always too bright or too dark.  Where is my nice solid middle ground?

     I wore my Miss Patina Aristocats blouse, my Doctor Who Embroidered coat, my Doctor Who braces and my Bodyline Cravat.

     See?  Way too bright!  It's as though I have no facial features...  I believe it's the light reflecting off of the snow outside of the window...

     After my day of shopping I relaxed with some Doctor Who comics... While wearing my TARDIS pyjama bottoms, Doctor Who holiday cardigan and the new 'I'd Rather be Time Travelling shirt I purchased from Hot Topic.

Look of the Day

December 18 2016
     I wanted to show off my Doctor Who Police Box (TARDIS) jumper today, so here you go!

The jumper is a pre-torn knit which I would have liked to have known prior to purchasing it online.  I never truly understood the purpose of ripping up clothes before they're worn...  Regardless it is a nice jumper, but if you want it to keep you warm, you'll need a layer to go under it... Air holes and what not, you know...

Charlotte Russe Sale

If you love Charlotte Russe you might like to know that currently everything in their store (excluding clearance) is 20USD or less (Even online).  You don't need a special code, just go to the store or shop online!
     I went to the retail outlet the other day and tried to find a new pair of Oxfords... Sadly they didn't have any... But they do have some great boots and other nice pieces that would be perfect for your Holiday look at a very low price right now.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Look of the Day

December 06 2016
     I actually wore my Doctor Who coat with the blue trim with this, but as I threw it on while I ran out of the door, I did not get a photo of it.  However, I did later realise that this meant I was wearing three layers of Doctor Who.  The Doctor Who coat, Doctor Who cardigan and the Doctor Who top...

     Here are some detail shots.  You can see the Daleks on my top, as well as the TARDIS and roses.  Someone was talking to me about this top and we decided a hilarious print would be if all of the roses had Rose's (From Doctor Who) face on them...  Like a bouquet of Rose's face... It would be so strange... but at the same time... sort of amazing.

Look of the Day

December 01 2016
     No time for lots of photos on this day.  It's pretty much just these two.  The end of the semester is always a bit hectic.

The Limited Liquidation Sales

The Limited is a higher priced retail clothing outlet for women.  However, chances are if there is one near you, it wont be for long.  If you have a gift card, it may be the time to use it.  However, if you've ever wanted some of their pricey clothes but never been able to afford them, now is the time to stop by.  The outlets around the country are having a liquidation sale.  70 percent and more is slashed off of the regular priced clothing!  This could be a great opportunity to get a new wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Read more here.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Look of the Day (& Doctor Who Embroidered Coat Review)

November 29 2016
     I bought a lot of coats in November... I love coats.
     This is another new coat.  I already have the TARDIS coat with the exploding TARDIS inside that Hot Topic offers.  When I saw they had a new one with blue lining this year I was excited to get one.

     The inner lining is a very nice shade of blue with feathers and TARDIS print.  I love this lining much more than the exploding one as the blue shade is much easier to match to the rest of your ensemble.
     The coat itself is corduroy like the exploding one was, however the cut is different, as is the collar, pocket position and of course the embellishments.

     The pattern embroidered along the bottom of the coat is lovely with Gallifreyan writing and TARDIS images.  The pattern repeats along the entire bottom.
     The coat does not have a back bit like the other which said PUBLIC CALL, which I am not sure I am happy or sad about.  The TARDIS coat's 'Public Call' strap was more attractive I believe, but I did get a lot of questions as to why my coat said 'Public Call' on it.  This coat has a solid waist with no straps, but it is cut to give a bit of a flow from the waist down for if you wear this with skirt or dresses.  Not my favourite cut, but to each their own.
     The collar is one solid shape and tends to bunch a bit, unlike the other coat's more traditional frock coat style collar.
     The coat has only 2 pockets, which aren't very deep.  Just deep enough for a mobile, I would say... Though sometimes mine pushes out a bit.  The pockets are also positioned quite far back.  If your coat isn't buttoned reaching for your pocket may feel more like reaching for your back.  It can be a bit awkward.  However, the pocket flaps, though without button closures, do have the lining carried over onto them which I find lovely.
     I would say the fit of the coat is fairly accurate.  I purchased a size small (I am around 5'5", 53KG) and it fits pretty well.  Not tight but not overly loose. The sleeves are a bit longer than I would like, but it's not terribly distracting.  I have gotten quite a few compliments on this coat.

     I wore a new pair of boots with this ensemble.  I purchased them from Target for about 50USD.  I added my locket/medal to my coat lapel because it brings out the blue in the lining.  I also paired this with my blue bow tie and blue scarf for the same reason.

Look of the Day (Plus Fantastic Beasts Coat Review)

November 24 2016
     The 26th day of the month and the first photo taken of any of my outfits... My schedule is so jam packed.
     This is my newest coat.  It's from Hot Topic and inspired by the coat worn by the main character in Fantastic Beasts the film.  It is only available in men's sizes so I bought an extra small, as that was the smallest size they carried.  It is so huge on me.  I am 5'5"(ish), 8 stones/117LBS/53 KG, to give you a basic idea on the sizing.  The sleeves can almost completely swallow up my hands so I look as though I have none.  The shoulders are very broad, but that is to be expected from a men's coat.  Honestly though, I look as though I am wearing someone else's coat because it is such a poor fit... It doesn't stop me from wearing it though!

     The inner lining is a lovely pattern.  I actually found a tie that matches the colour but I did not take a photo of the outfit where I wore the tie and the coat together... Much to my dismay... It was a great look to have a tie that matches the coat lining.
     The coat is a blue wool and the lining is polyester I believe.  There is a pocket inside on the right side for a 'wand', as it is a wizard coat.  However, I am not really a Harry Potter fan and didn't even go to see Fantastic Beasts, so as you can imagine, I have no wand.  I do keep something in that pocket though.  I have a riding crop I carry for protection since sometimes I am on campus quite late for my night classes.  It fits very nicely into that inner pocket.
     The breast pocket on the coat has a very nice design on it but the large lapel seems to completely cover it.  That may not be the case if the coat fit me properly, but I couldn't say.  There are 4 pockets total in this coat.  One on each hip, the wand pocket and the breast pocket.

     If you are a slender female, even if you are quite tall, I imagine an extra small in this coat is still going to be quite large on you, as it is myself.  However, if you have some sewing skills you could always alter it. I am far too paranoid of ruining it to make the attempt myself.
     I paired the coat with my high waist trousers, my low cut waist coat and a bird patterned blouse with a striped tie.  I also wore my locket/medal on my waist coat to match the blue of the coat.

Look of the Day

October 27 2016
     You may notice that there has been a lot of in between days this semester where I don't have outfits posted.  It isn't because I have been wearing poor clothing choices or been unmotivated to dress well.  I received compliments on nearly every outfit I wore this semester...  I just didn't always have time to stand in the corner and take photos of what I was wearing.  I spent a lot of mornings running out of the door in a rush to get to class on time.
     You are going to notice very few photos in November.  The closer to the end of the semester, the less free time I have for photo taking.  There were several great ensembles this semester that I wish I had taken photos of but I simply didn't have a chance to.  I will try to re-wear them sometime so I can get some photos up for you.

Look of the Day

October 12 2016
     The weather is starting to get a bit nippy... Finally coat season!  I love when the weather changes and I can start wearing coats and scarves.
     I have my Emily the Strange cat jumper, my blue cashmere scarf from Scotland and my Doctor Who TARDIS coat to keep me warm.

Look of the Day

October 11 2016
     I was giving a presentation in Speech class plus I had a History exam... so I decided to dress up.  This is one of the few times this semester I wore a dress.  It's an interesting change from just a few years back when skirts and dresses were all I would wear.

     I also wore some rhinestone jewelry and my sassy skull heels.
     The dress is a Poison Ivy (Batman) inspired dress I purchased from the Hot Topic clearance section.  It's really lovely in person and the black print is soft to the touch.

Look of the Day

October 04 2016
     Another outfit I wore to school.  I swear I have a love/hate relationship with this top.  On one hand I love the print on the corset part of the top... On the other hand I hate how the blouse does not button all the way up.  Not to mention it is tight in the waist and loose in the chest.  Who exactly was this top designed for?  The bustiest slender woman in the world?
     I am wearing my Nightmare Before Christmas coat which got a ton of compliments.  It's difficult to wear though.  It feels a bit too much for typical daily wear.  It was purchased from Hot Topic, in case you were wondering where to purchase one.  However, I doubt they still have it in their inventory as it tends to shift quite often.

     I also used deer accessories for my outfit today.  A deer necklace and antler/branch hairpin.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Look of the Day

September 22 2016
     Another day another outfit.  My hair is fading already.  The shade is much lighter than it used to be.

Look of the Day

September 20 2016
     I.m wearing the dress and cape Doctor Who set from Hot Topic.  The dress has a lovely print on it of Gallifreyan writing.  The inside of the cape has red bow tie print.

Look of the Day

September 06 2016
     I was giving a eulogy for my speech class so I decided to dress for the occasion.  However, the class ended up being cancelled so that was unfortunate.

Look of the Day

September 01 2016
     This is what I wore to History and Art class.

Look of the Day

August 31 2016
     Another day of school, another outfit worn.  Honestly I wish this blouse buttoned all the way up.  Unfortunately there are no buttons at the top.  I suppose it is supposed to look more casual this way.
     I am wearing my Doctor Who pocket watch attached to the pocket of my blazer but sadly I did not think to get a close up of it.  There are plenty in past posts though.  If you need a link to one, just leave me a comment.
     I also wore a pair of half moon glasses to class, as you can see in the image below.  These were inspired by the 5th Doctor (Doctor Who: Peter Davison).  Honestly, he is the only reason I bought them in the first place.

Look of the Day

August 25 2016
     Not great photos but you get the basic idea of the outfit.  I looked a bit like a newsie today.

Look of the Day

August 24 2016
     Accessories of the day were a TARDIS ring and Union Flag shoes.  People wanted to talk to me about my hair and shoes on this day.  But once they found out my age they no longer had interest in talking to me.  Age is a funny thing.  Maybe I should just start telling people I am 900 years old...  I feel like they would prefer the lie.

Look of the Day

August 23 2016
     This is what I wore on my first day of the Autumn semester.  I used a black scarf to wrap around my neck and tied it together with the red bow that is attached to the blouse.  It gave it an interesting look, I thought.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


I love Think Geek... In fact, I do most of my holiday shopping there every year.  This year they have been having promos to get freebies with purchases over 50USD!  Right now it's a free t-shirt!

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