Friday, March 18, 2016

Look of the Day

February 8 2016
     I really liked this outfit.  Wearing my Great Britain collar blouse, a blue cardigan, my brown overcoat, blue Argyll socks and my Union Flag braces (suspenders).

     In case you're wondering, it's a sonic screwdriver... and a Wii controller/remote...

     Detail photo above of my blouse and the Union Flag print.

     Blouse and hat details above.

Look of the Day

February 2 2016
     I wore this to my philosophy class.  I was really under the weather this day.  Oh the amount of tissues I went through...

     Above you can see my trousers and shoes.  This blazer is new.  A soft brown coat with a striped inner lining and an inside pocket... I love inside pockets...

     The pattern detail of my trousers is above.  As well as my collar.  The trousers, orange blouse and blazer were all purchased from a charity shoppe.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Look of the Day

February 01 2016
     I recently bought this top from a charity shoppe.  It's way too big for me but I made it work anyway.  I wore it to class.

     You can see the back of the skirt and the collar of the top above.

     Dragon nails and my decorative elastic belt detail above.

     Apparently my skin is so bloody pale that it whited out in the photo of my shoes.  No, those are not white stockings...

Look of the Day

January 25 2016
     OK, so I really over wore this jumper in January... It was just an Argyll cat jumper kind of month!  I wish I had more like it...
     Using my Doctor Who brolly (Umbrella) again today.  It was just another day in class.  Maths and Biology...

     I also love these trousers.  They are just so comfortable.  I got them from Target.

     Here you can see the ensemble with my coat.